Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Off to the Market

Leather Jacket- Zara
Sweater- Zara
Lace Top- H&M (similar here ) 
Jeans- Thrifted (similar here )

Last weekend I woke up at the crack of dawn and hit the road to my favorite farmers market to do some shopping. I planned to spend the entire day exploring the market so I decided to wear something casual and comfortable. This outfit is pretty self explanatory its a simple sweater over some cuffed ripped jeans, but I layered a mesh-lace top under so that it would peak out of the bottom and add so flow and dimension and topped it off with my trusty leather jacket. 
These shoes never leave my feet! They are made of a tapestry floral material that can easily be paired with anything, they add a vintage feel to a outfit. You'll be seeing more of them thats for sure!  
All in all the market trip was successful. I got some fresh and totally delicious fruits and veggies and I even scored a pair of levi jeans on sale at an outlet near by (score!). The trip wouldn't be complete without a little clothes shopping ;)   

Hope you guys all had an amazing summer ! See you soon <3

Friday, 8 August 2014

Velvet Knits

Entire Outfit- Thrifted 

This is sort of a wired combination of both a summer and winter outfit. I threw this on one morning before heading down town, it was one of those warm but cold morning (I ended up regretting it later when I was dying of heat). 
I love the way velvet and knits look together, their both have a unique texture and add a different feel to an outfit. The body chain is one I made last year and it was so simple and took me less the five minutes, and its now something I am wearing on a regular basis especially paired with high waisted shorts, or under a crop top and low raise jeans. 

See you soon <3

Monday, 21 July 2014

Kimono + Stripes

Halter Top- Brandy Melville
Kimono- DIY from an old Scarf 
Boots- Thrifted (similar here )
Shorts- Thrifted 

I ironically I am not a fan of aquatic creatures ( its a borderline phobia) but out of all the kimonos I own . this one is still my favorite, even though it is decked out in dolphins. Seeing how its black and goes well with almost anything might be why. As you can tell I haven't been able to give up my love for black and dark outfits even in the middle of summer.
The first thing I want to mention is my love for this hat! It's had my back (or head in this case) through many bad hair days and its a major life saver. I even when out and bought the same one in light brown, you need to be prepared was my justification cause bad hair days can turn ugly at a moments notice. 
halter tops is also a staple every girl should have on hand cause they are so easy to throw on for an effortless look. I got this one from Brandy Melville and it was pretty inexpensive. I might go back and grab a couple more in black and white for layering in the fall.  

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thrift Haul #3

Last week I stopped by my local thrift store (when don't I ) and picked up a couple of things. I mostly went in for T-shirts for some DIY tops, but I obviously couldn't resist buying a hand full of things. 
The first thing I throw in my basket was this awesome knit sweater! I've been seeing knits like this one pop up a lot lately (like here and here ) and when I found this one from under $5 I was like why not !?! Its not made of the traditional wool like material but rather a material thats a like tougher which I liked because I am not the best when it comes to handling delicate fabric. Plus I've been in need of some more white staple pieces in my wardrobe. 
Next I picked up three T-shirts that I am going to be using in a couple of DIYs. The thrift store didn't have the best collection of baggy shirts but i was able to find a couple cool ones, my favorite being the tie-dye shirt. I also throw in an oversized off-white button down cause you can never have to many. 
This loose fitting boyfriend jeans, is also something I've been in the market for lately and got lucky when I came across this pair. They will look so good with crop tops and cropped knits in the fall. 
Late thing I got was this adorable stripped crop top. I got it mainly because it had a cool 90s feel to it and it looked so good with the chocker and black shorts I was wearing that day.